Sunday, December 6, 2009

What I Feel Right Now

While I am writing this post I am actually drunk and the culprits are two bottles of strong beer. I love this personal journal because it is my blog and anything I can tell about myself can be posted here. I drink alcohol because I have problem. I do not care if somebody will tell me I am unprofessional about this article. In my other blogs I cannot express about myself due to some restrictions on the topics.

Here, you can get to know the feelings of the writer and what is really going on about him. I am the Crazyhorse as what I have planted to the mind of my readers but I am actually into difficult situation right now and my extreme apologies for being so emotional as of this moment.

Well, I cannot disclose further more information about what I am going through as of for this very moment. I hate myself sometimes.

I live a simple life and right now I am about to decide for my life. You can write me email at and maybe for this moment you can help me with your advice...

Thank you very much for reading my articles.


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