Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Putting Up a Business Without Funds But With Skills and Dedication

It is so difficult to put up a business without enough fund but I know the most difficult in having a business is with right amount of capital (or even too much) but without your heart on it. Since I cannot stand up on my own yet I partnered with one of the well-known local companies in IT industry that operates nationwide in our country. I am glad that the course I took up when I was in college is related on what I am doing right now. I am the master of my time unlike those 5x8  employees. Being a business developer and technical consultants would not be enough for me to fulfill my dreams that is why I also do marketing, and act as a salesman as well.

My family has no interest in business maybe because the risk is very high. Failure is always part of life and we cannot avoid it. As the time goes by we are becoming more cautious. I had failed many times because the previous endeavors that I gone through were not really in the list of my interests. I never calculated the risk before, now I know my path although there are many hindrances and struggles along the way I am now seeing the right direction.

I thank God for giving me the strength and courage to face the challenges in life.

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