Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poker Addiction

These past days I had been busy with poker. No, it's not what you think. I lost only chips and not really big bucks. Actually what I have lost is time. But anyway, I enjoyed playing it, thanks to poker in Facebook. I started with 2,000 chips and reached up to 1,030,000 then it turned me down to I am still recovering from my BIG loss.

I have realized that life is just like poker or any games we knew. Sometimes you reach the top and sometimes you go down. It is how you manage your life. I do not consider myself a loser, I always find the reason why every time I lose in a game of life.

I am glad that in online poker I only lose chips unlike in the real game I could lose time, money, and perhaps future. I do not encourage the real game in life if a person is not ready to lose everything. Thanks to the lesson I have learned from playing it without practically paying money to understand the game of poker!

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