Monday, September 21, 2009

Today is Holiday!

Hello to Everyone! I am Crazyhorse. Thanks for dropping by here in My Journal.

September 21, 2009 is the declaration of nonworking day in the observance of the end of Ramadan. Although exactly 37 years ago here in the Philippines when the late great former president Ferdinand Marcos had declared the nation under martial law but the government has declared a nonworking day to give respect to Filipino-Muslim brothers who are observing the last day of Ramadan. Ramadan only coincides with the anniversary of military rule in the country.

For me it was a busy day, my body has full of sweat caused by the movement of the new Bibingka (Rice Cake) Cart from Marikina to Recto Manila. My uncle was my driver together with my aunt and a helper.

The time was around 12:00noon so we decided to have a lunch in Jollibee in Rotonda which is a boundary of Manila and Quezon City. I took the picture of the Jollibee as seen below:

While we are heading to Recto Manila from Rotonda after few minutes we have spotted the mobile car of ABS-CBN along the way. ABS-CBN is one of the nation's known and popular broadcasting company.

Here is the shot from inside of our van:

Everytime I go out I always bring my camera with me and anything I would find that got my interest I will be posting here. This would become my living online diary!


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