Friday, November 6, 2009

All Saints and Souls Day 2009 : Visiting Our Loved-Ones

Have you visited your departed loved-ones this year 2009?

Here are some of the images that I have taken last November 1 :

My grandfather who raised me to become what I am right now, a responsible and a law abiding citizen. I had learned lots from him. He made sure that I can finish my studies in college. I might become a drug addict or smoker if not what I had absorbed from my grandfather as becoming a good example. He walked the talk that's why it became effective to me.

When I was young he taught me some moral values. Despite of getting old I had seen how he loved my grandmother. His daily routine was to wake up every morning to cook for our breakfast. He did not finish his study but because he wanted to offer good life for his family he strove for the best and retired as Planner and Estimator (considering the fact that he only just finished 6th grade in elementary education)which mostly those engineering graduate can get that kind of position.

Before he died he managed to finish his autobiography. He was rushed to hospital and until on November 15, 2002 my aunt and I decided to go to the hospital in the province which about 6 hours travel by land to visit him but we did not make it. He died 11:00am and we arrived 1:15pm. He died beside his wife. He was 88.


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