Friday, January 22, 2010

Tricky Phrase! In One Word

I am featuring the blog of Kaja. He is one of my mates in one of the social networking sites that had been designed for bloggers. Well, what can I say about this cowboy is nothing much aside from being a winner in the contest in a thread that I created. There were many answers but they did not get it right until this witty guy had gotten it correctly.
Perhaps you may wonder what game was that so to tell you further let me start with a game called “Tricky Phrase, In One Word”. There were many dumb asses around and I almost fell off the chair when I began to read their posts. Okay, it would be unfair if I will not tell you what phrase all about.
Here it is:
“If you are in IT you are E” --- simplify in one word.
That was a very simple phrase and I asked them to simplify in one word just like breaking the codes. All of a sudden there were answers like “E”, “Engineer”, "TIE" and some funny answers. Perhaps they were dying to get the reward that I had promised. Well, the reward was not about money neither for me to become their slave for a year nor anything about providing household services but to promote their blog. Blog promotion for the lucky bastard winner was really a difficult task. I made my words to feature their blog in the social net communities that I have joined. Actually by generating this post to my own blog as promised made me sick and tired. In addition to my solemn commitment I told them that whoever got it first I will praise him!
Getting back to the answers made by many of my followers in that thread entitled “Tricky Phrase, It's Just A Game", there was actually one guy who firstly got the correct answer. His name is DeadRooster. The only problem with this rooster was that I had a follow up instruction on the game before he posted his answer.
If DeadRooster had been wise enough his answer should be placed on top of the thread but instead he just posted his answer at the bottom. By checking the time of his post he really got it first!

The right answer by the way is FURNITURE please see below answer made by Cowboy Kaja:

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