Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Won The Fight Against Clottey!

Before I proceed with another topic I want to tell my readers here that my favorite boxer has won and has defended his championship belt against Clottey. I was so happy that Manny was declared winner but personally I did not enjoy the fight--NO MATCH! I had seen the nervousness of Clottey before the fight. He was not too responsive on the thrown punches of Manny. I was expecting a knockout but Clottey had ensured his safety by blocking with the help of his wrists to protect his head from the bullet punches of Manny.

I did not see fatigue from Manny. Even on the last round he was still punching like a speed of light. I guess that's why Floyd Mayweather, Jr. resist to fight the real pound-for-pound boxer of all times.

Manny has already proven that he is really the pound-for-pound king. The whole world was really amazed on the strength and endurance he had shown in the last fight. Would it be the last bout of Manny in boxing ring? He is now ready to retire if Mayweather, Jr. will not fight him.


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